See Your Content marketing strategy again, are you doing these 3 things??? Just stop there!!

Content Marketing is very important for any online business. Unique Content is only way that help you to build the strongest relation between you and your Customers.  A part of this, the latest school of search engine optimization also encourage all webmasters to generate informative content which would work as a Medium between you and your costumers.  Because the trust is an important factor between any internet business and its online customers so creating content and interact with users is the only way to make this happens.

People who are familiar with content marketing generally knows the do and don’ts of this industries but unfortunately newbie are generally doing some mistakes on which I am focusing on.  Hufff!! So, if you are a newbie in content marketing then you have to look again into your strategy and modify it according to the following things, if you want results.

Are you Creating Content that everyone already has??

Creating unique content doesn’t meat to see someone other’s topic write it again into your words or make a video or an info-graphics of that and post that to your blog/website this will make the audience bored. I think the first line say it all; well creating unique content is to make a unique informative content that your users looking for. Think something different t and write a blog on it, share it as info-graphic or video.ununique content

Are you not using social Media in Your strategy??

Social Channels like, facebook, Google+, Linkedin, twitter are the platforms which a normal people generally use. So the funnel to reach a normal person (who are looking or interested in buying your service or product) is social Media. So including the right social media strategy in your work is most important.

social media strategy

Are you not looking the Discussions of your audience??

Ahh, this is the only thing which help me to produce great content. Whenever you post something on your Social profile, always see the conversation between the people and next time write something on the topic which was discussed by mostly people. For example, make a Post on your Social Media profile like

“Which is your Favorite drink?


—>Coke “

And see which drink voted by majority of users. And next time write your content with the mostly discussed topic. Find the latest issue in your niche and create content on that. So user will happily share that in their community.

Content marketing can be your perfect weapon in your entire marketing strategy. But it need some time to develop the desire trust between your company and users. So always trying to provide your best to your users and they will start converting from user to your customers.

An Article from The Desk of Tech Savvy Guy – The Technology Blog Pakistan


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