Did you know that 2014 will be one of the best years for digital advertising and the best time for digital advertising agency?
Digital advertising has revolutionized the whole concept and ideas about traditional marketing and advertising.It is now the primary advertisement platform and enginefor all goods and services.
So digital advertisement is in and traditional marketing is on its way out.
You can see and feel this trend all around you starting from the internet, personal computers, tablets, mobiles and even on games console.Everywhere the buzz word is digital advertising.
So what are some of the Best2014 Do’s And Don’ts for Digital Advertising as part of social media strategy?

The Do’s of Digital Advertising

• Know Your Market

In digital advertising knowing your market is a must. The market is the place where the sellers and buyers of goods and services meet. In the digital age, the market is now the internet, the personal computers, the mobiles and smartphones, tablets and even the games console.
Asks yourself this question, what are the goods and services consumers’ needs in the market? What is the level of demand? How high is the level of competition? How many are the competitors? How about the level of prices among the competing goods and services?
In other words know the market dynamics.

• Know Your Audience and Target

Knowing the market dynamics is not enough. Any market without buyers, clients or customers will be useless for your goods or services.
It will be an additional waste of time and effort if you’ll not be able to make additional sales or generate added income.
What are the particular needs and demands of your target audience? What does your potential customers or clients are looking for, sayfor example discount sales, free trial, free shipping and other added value to your goods and services compare with other products?

• Master Your Goods and Services

The saying that the product is in the packaging is also true in digital advertising as part of your social media strategy.
There are millions ofproducts and services competing in the market.
The key in making your goods and services stand out apart from the rest is in its packaging. Try making it as unique and different as possible. Customers are always looking for something new.

• Always Look For The Best Spots To Place Your Advertisement

If location, location and location is the mantra for real estate business, then location, location and location is also the mantra for digital advertisement. You would like your advertisementto be seen by everyone to generate a high traffic in your website right?

You would also like to make your presence felt and be visible in the internet right? So it is a must that you place and pre-position your digital advertisement on the right spots and the right timein the internet and the social media in such a way as to generate the highest number of viewers.

• Put Quality To Your Contents and Make An Effective Call To Action

Are your contents helpful, informative, interesting and entertaining to your potential clients or customers?
Always remember that every person browsing the internet is a potential clients or customers.
Does your digital advertisement build trust and confidence between you
and your potential clients or customers? Where you able to convince them to think and to an act in such a way that is favorable to your products or services?

Needless to say you need to place your keywords in the beginning, middle and end part of your digital advertising to generate a high traffic in the search engine optimization or SEO content for that matter.

The Don’ts of Digital Advertising

• Don’t Just Be A Submissive Follower

Many digital advertisers are just reacting to the fad, fashion and passing fancy or trend in the digital advertising world or to whatever the so-called digital advertising gurus are telling them in the internet.
This line ormode of thinking is not the way to do digital advertising. Be a pro-active advertiser instead of merely reacting to the market.
Dictate your own tempo. Select your own niches to place your ads and its perfect timing. Be your own judge and trend-setter in digital advertising.

• Stop Following The Herd

The bandwagon effect is also true in digital advertising. You don’t want to follow the herd every now and then do you? Just because everyone is doing a particular advertising style or approach doesn’t mean that you need to follow and imitate the crowd do you?
You are the master of your own fate in advertisement. And you are also your own captain in digital advertisement not anybody else right?

• Don’t be Pushy To Sell Your Goods or Services

Gone are the days for a pushy television or radio advertisement which borders on sheer commercialism. The consumers in the Digital Age are more intelligent and sophisticated. Customers nowadays are browsing the internet for goods and services;they carefully examineprices andcompare products, they alsolook for discount sales and other good bargains.
With the rising tide of consumer welfare policy, tech savvy process in selling or marketing is a complete no-no or taboo. Informed decision in buying is now the king.

• Avoid Being Dishonest, Inconsistent and Irrelevant

The main thing in digital advertisement is that it is a written advertisement. Unlike verbal and person to person sales talk, it is in writing and since it is in written form any mistake or inaccuracies you make will reflect on your credibility and to your products and services.
Once your digital advertisement is published online it is for the whole world to see. Such being the case you don’t want to create any negative impressions on the mind of your clients do you?

• Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment And To Innovate

Necessity is the mother of all invention. The whole digital advertisement phenomenon and trend is evolving and still keeps on evolving.
There are still plenty of rooms for improvements. If there are 1,000 ways of promoting your goods and services then there are always ways and means for innovation in digital advertising.
Digital advertising is here to stay for the coming New Year 2014and for the years to come. It’s not only the wave of the future but the reality of the present moment.
So for 2014 make for yourself a better online advertisement by following the Best 2014 Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Advertising and discover the difference.
Consumers and clients perception of your digital advertising is everything. Make it works thru the Best 2014 Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Advertising.



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